Outis Podcast Series 016

Outis Podcast Series 016

Research, refinement and a touch of extremism, these are the basic ingredients.

Maurizio Cascella is an elegant, complete artist. His production, with unique and profound sounds, tells his passion and his multiform artistic imagination. Passion that is reflected in its immense collection of vinyls, an artistic laboratory that is not only an archive but an inexhaustible source of inspiration and production.

The idea of ​​creating a model of original music through the harmonious fusion between different styles makes it from the beginning a DJ and an extremely eclectic producer. Born in 1977, Cascella is an undisputed reference point of the Roman electronic scene that has distinguished itself and rooted in the international scene. From the beginning in ’93 with the historical UMM label to the productions signed with Joe Casagrande for the electronic label Romana distributed exclusively worldwide by the German Kompakt, his musical career is tight and constant. In 2010 he founded the label Concrete Records together with Phooka and Daniele Bazzanti, producing artists such as Voices From The Lake, Minilogue, Cassegrain.

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