Outis 008 – Calipso – Luigi Tozzi + Dino Sabatini (Version) – Vinyl 12″ – Release date: July 6th 2015 – Pre – sales


We have just received the news of a delay from the pressing plant. The release will be postponed to July 6th 2015, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Outis 008 – Luigi Tozzi “Calipso”


Luigi Tozzi is a young Roman artist just twenty-three years old but with a profound musical knowledge. His productions reflect the distinct musical style coming from the Italian capital, a style purveyed by artists now considered icons within the international techno scene. It’s the direct link to this sound that aligns Luigi’s music perfectly with the musical realm of Outis Music. The EP’s opening and title track “Calipso” is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea “Calypso”, elegantly adding subtly trance-like traits to a classic 4/4 beat. Next piece “Ambrosia” finishes the first side with a deep, sophisticated and refined device dedicated to the Ocean God. Devotion to the return to home is the theme of the following cut “Nostos”, a substantial tool that’s hypnotic and encapsulating. On the EP’s final piece “Nostos (Dino Sabatini Version)”, label founder Dino Sabatini provides a different point of view on Luigi’s original in his own classic and unmistakable style.

Pre sales – Shipments from: July 6th 2015